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God's Little Ones Website

I found this very adorable Site... I just want to share this page with you who want to keep a Micro Preemie Doll for a memorial thing of your lost ones...
"Hold the beauty of life in the palm of your hand!"

Kellie, "A Warrior and a Christian"

New Born Baby Dolls, Preemie dolls, Micropreemie dolls all life size portraits of real babies originally hand sculpted by one pro-life artist.
"Love a Preemie and your opinion of when life begins will change forever."~the artist

This is the online gallery of one Pro-Life Doll Aritst.
What are Gods Little Ones?
These collector quality baby dolls are;
Preemie Dolls
, Micro-preemie dolls, Baby dolls, Infant dolls, Baby Shower gifts, Prenatal Development Models,
Comfort dolls
, Embryo models, Fetal models, Miracle Baby Dolls, Pro-Life Gifts, Pro-life models, Pro-life educational models, Pro-life collectible dolls, Crisis Pregnancy Center models, Memorial Gifts, Art Dolls, Resin Dolls, Original three dimensional, life size, portraits of real babies born from 3 weeks gestation to full term. New born baby dolls soon to be added.
9 weeks gestation


10 weeks gestation


11 weeks gestation


8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,18 weeks gestation micropreemies


Close up of micropreemies 3,4,5,6 weeks of life 5,6,7,71/2,8 weeks gestation.


3,4,5, 5 1/2, 6,7,8,9 weeks of life =5,6,7,7 1/2,8,9,10,11 weeks gestation.


Isolette - this item varies in size and lid color, this one is the size of a shoe box. Isolettes can be used for babies 18-36 weeks gestation, this item has a lid to keep out dust.


Simulated incubator
This item also varies in size to fit the baby  from 20-36 weeks will fit in these displays. This display  varies in color of bottom and may have metal or plastic portals depending on availabity.   
This item is also large in size so it adds  to shipping charges. This item has a lid to keep out dust.
knit blankets available for any size doll


Huggy ring, huggy nest and Bassi-Nest are custom made to fit the dolls. These items are made by our pastors wife and take several weeks to make. Please allow extra time when ordering these items as pastors wives are very busy:o)